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Textruta: Contact:
Siri Jansson Tremols
Gundalsvägen 5
SE 414-77
Tel.:       +46 31826232
Mob.:    +46 702152522
E-mail: mail@siri-translations.com

Textruta: Hi and welcome to Siri Translations.
If you are looking for a multi-linguist specialized in translation, proofreading and alignment of translated documents, you have come to the right place.
I am trilingual native: Swedish (father), Norwegian (mother) and Spanish (husband).
I work within the following language combinations:
- English-Swedish, English-Norwegian, English-Spanish.                                                   - Spanish-Swedish, Spanish-Norwegian.                                                                           - Norwegian-Spanish, Norwegian-Swedish.                                                                    - Swedish-Spanish, Swedish-Norwegian. 
I also speak and write German and Catalan.
Giving a price without having seen any text is difficult but feel free to ask for a quote.
Prices are of cause flexible in relation to complexity of the text and deadline.
I look forward to hear from you.